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Protected: Los GotY’s de PSNPR December 21, 2010

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test October 1, 2009

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So now I’m inFAMOUS… May 28, 2009

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inFAMOUS and Pre-Order Goodies.

So Tuesday was a very inFAMOUS day, as for one of the most anticipated games of the year got released for PS3. Of course I’m talking about inFAMOUS, a game by SUCKER PUNCH, the studio responsible for the acclaimed Sly Cooper series. In this game you play the role of Cole, an ordinary man that’s granted electrical powers caused by the explosion of an artifact he was supposed to deliver. The game starts at the moment an explosion is triggered and moves on to a series of events where Cole learns about his newfound powers while he chooses to use them for good or evil in a city that labels him as a terrorist.

I’m barely scratching the surface, but I already have 3  elements that I really like about this game.

  1. The ability to climb anything, so if you can see it, then you can climb it effortlessly,very fluid and smooth, sort of parkour-ish.
  2. The freedom to choose between the path of Good and Evil, not a new concept in games, but well executed here so far.
  3. And last but not least, it’s Comic Book feel.

These elements make the experience much more enjoyable and fresh, so if you own a PS3, you owe it to yourself to AT LEAST, TRY IT!

FINAL IMPRESSIONS TO COME, but in the meantime…

…Ladies and Gents, I give you Cole, the urban JEDI!!! ENJOY!!!

[REVIEW] PUNCH-OUT!! May 25, 2009

Posted by Billy Ramírez (skycrawler1138) in GAMING, REVIEW, Wii.

If there is something that NINTENDO is known to do well is to maintain classic gameplay while applying a layer of fresh paint to its franchises.  PUNCH-OUT (Wii) is a good example of this practice.

In the hands of Next Level Games, PUNCH-OUT!! is a homage to past PUNCH-OUTs in every sense.  GRAPHICALLY  it looks like Super Punch-Out!! in 3D.  Lil Mac, Doc and all the opponents have the “Cartoony Look” that was established in SPO.  On top of this,  everybody (except Lil Mac) have voices that accentuate their personality.

The “gameplay” is all Classic Punch-Out!! as well. Its based on memorizing the attack patterns from your opponents and to try KO or TKO during 3 rounds.  This is “easy” in the first circuit, but starting from the second circuit on you are going to need the NEW  “Training” option where you fight a HOLOGRAM (very STAR WARSish) of your opponent at the moment until you’re ready to face him.  Punch-Out!! maintains the same list of “moves” established by SPO which you will have to your disposition by means of the “Wii-mote and Nunchuck” for motion control or the “Wii-mote” alone to play classic style (which in my opinion, its the best way to play).

In spite of the fact that PUNCH-OUT!! is identical (in essence) to the other PUNCH-OUTs, this  iteration includes a first for the series, Split Screen multiplayer, where 2 Lil Macs face each other under the same conditions from the single player.  The only difference in this mode is that you can become Giga Mac (a HULKish version of Lil Mac) where the perspective changes from split screen to whole screen just like in the single player.

In the end, PUNCH-OUT!!! is very good.  With a total of 13 (+ 1 Secret) characters, 2 Career paths, Challenges and Multiplayer, you cannot ask for more from this excellent tribute to a CLASSIC GAME.  Extremely recommended for fans of the series and/or  arcadey boxing.


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PUNCH-OUT!!, one of GAMING’S classics, made its way to the Wii earlier this week. The good folks at GAMEVIDEOS.COM have put together a montage of the evolution of the series. If you’re a fan, do not hesitate and pick it up.


And so it BEGINS!! May 25, 2009

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Space Man2

I’m no stranger to BLOGS, I read them everyday! I even have a couple created, but due to lack of motivation I hesitated to even POST on them. But not this TIME,  this one is here to STAY.

My BLOG’s title, The Wandering Spaceman, is a tribute to my favorite topics, Technology and Science Fiction, but the BLOG itself wont be limited to these. In here you’ll find POSTS based on Gaming, Technology, Art, Cinema  and other “Geeky” themes, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

So sit down, relax and lets wander!!